Training Body and Mind Together

Welcome to Inner Peace, where we strive to empower youth workers with the skills and resilience needed to support individuals affected by conflicts. Join us in fostering mental well-being and advocating for democracy in the face of global challenges.


Empowering Youth for Global Well-being

Our project focuses on equipping youth workers with specialized skills to address the intersection of mental health and conflicts.

Inner Peace for Resilience, Mindfulness, and Growth

Body Balance

Inner Peace redefines youth work, providing safe spaces for growth.

Mental Health

outh workers champion democracy, resilience, and mental health in conflict.

Peace of Mind

Indirect approach in Inner Peace fosters personal growth amidst conflict.

Why You Should Join Inner Peace Project?

Join us for empowerment, resilience, and mindfulness shaping youth leaders for positive change in conflict, fostering growth and lasting peace.

Positive Impact

Shape resilience, advocate for change, and foster growth with us.


Be part of a movement that equips you for conflict resolution.

Positive Change

Discover the power of mindfulness, champion democracy and peace.

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Empower in Jordan: Join Inner Peace for positive impact.


Resilience in Lebanon: Join Inner Peace for positive transformation.



Embrace Change: Join Inner Peace in Egypt for growth and resilience.



Unlock Potential: Join Inner Peace in Lithuania for resilience and growth.

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Harmonizing Your Inner Self and Body

"Empowering youth with inner peace cultivates resilience and positive change."

-Malala Yousafzai

What Our Participants Say About Inner Peace

Inner Peace has been a transformative journey. It provided me with invaluable skills to navigate conflicts, advocate for democracy, and support mental health. The project's focus on mindfulness has been a game-changer for both personal growth and positive impact in the community.

Gözde Kaya Youth Worker

Participating in Inner Peace was an eye-opener. I now feel more equipped as a youth advocate, promoting democracy and mental health support. The emphasis on resilience has made a significant difference in my ability to face challenges.

Gediminas Kondrackis Youth Worker

Participating in the Inner Peace Project has been a revelation. I now feel more empowered as a youth advocate, championing democracy and mental health support. The focus on resilience has significantly enhanced my ability to confront and overcome challenges.

Karim Al-Maghribi Participants